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Wedding Cupcakes: The Toast Of the Town!

With the millions of dollars spent annually on weddings, it was just a matter of time before something new in the bakery arena emerged as a “must-have” within the bridal industry.  Traditional tiered wedding cakes have lost favor in the eyes of the 21-century bride.  Even the whimsical cakes that look as if they are going to fall off their stand have fallen by the way side.  The newest trend: a wedding cupcake.

Brides are always trying to be innovative and take the creative factor to the ultimate level and what better way to express their individuality than through those singular pieces of mmm-mmm goodness?  Why settle for a traditional tiered cake with one design when you can have as many different designs as you do quantities of cupcakes?  And the flavors?  Imagine including a “flavor survey” in with your R.S.V.P.  for your wedding!  Talk about the WOW factor!

The biggest potential problem I see in regards to doing away with the traditional wedding cake is the thing that brides fear the most– running out of the food supply, particularly the centerpiece of the whole big shebang: the cake!  With a traditional cake, you can cut conservatively, if it appears that your guests are eating more than their martian weight in buttercream (and who doesn’t want to indulge every now and again, right?)  With cupcakes, it would not only be difficult to begin splitting them, but rather tacky to have to tell your dear Aunt Murtha that, unfortunately, you had to split her fave flavor into 4 different pieces because you didn’t expect her to bring along all those long-lost cousins dressed in blue jeans to your swanky affair.  Of course, there is always a solution to every problem, this one notwithstanding.  You can either refuse to admit said cousins to your reception or you can order a percentage over than the number of your R.S.V.P’d guests.  While the first option might be rather tempting (particularly when said cousins begin making 80’s DJ requests), the latter is probably the most practical and least confrontational option!

Wedding cupcakes aren’t just for the main reception either.  The ever-growing-popular trend now is to give a cupcake as a keepsake of the affair (as if all of those tacky pictures taken by your guests with the disposable cameras in the middle of the table aren’t enough!)  Brides are wrapping individual cupcakes in tiny boxes, replete with ribbons and bows that make guests giddy with delight! (And I thought a keepsake napkin was something special!)

So, whether your wedding cupcakes are the center of the affair or the side show that forces your guests to remember just how trendy and cool your wedding was, those miniature delights can’t be beat!

Particular.  Trendy.  Fussy.  Sophisticated. Unique.  Five words that describe the modern bride to a “T”.  Or is it a “C”? Cupcake, that is.